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The Carolina Panthers and Houston Texans will play games in London during the 2019 season, leaving the Green Bay Packers as the only NFL team that will have not played in the United Kingdom.

The Panthers will face a NFC South rival, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and the Texans will play an AFC South matchup against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

In the other London games, the Chicago Bears will play the Oakland Raiders and the Cincinnati Bengals will face the Los Angeles Rams.


Chiefs scheduled to play in Mexico City again
The NFL announced Monday that the Chiefs will play the Chargers in Mexico City during the 2019 season.

In addition, the Kansas City Chiefs will face the Los Angeles Chargers in Mexico City as a part of the league’s International Series that began in 2007.

The dates of the matchups and locations of the London games will be announced later.

“I’ve had the chance to play and coach in London before, and those were unbelievable experiences,” Carolina head coach Ron Rivera said in a statement. Rivera played in London with the Bears in the 1986 preseason and coached in London with the Chargers in the 2008 regular season.

It also will be a chance for Carolina defensive end Efe Obada, who joined the Panthers in 2017 as part of the NFL’s International Player Pathway Program and this past season became the first player from that program to make the 53-man roster, to play in the city where he grew up.

The Nigerian-born Obada shared last season that he and his sister were victims of human trafficking and were abandoned on the streets of London.

“It’s amazing the Panthers are going to play in London,” Obada said. “One of my goals, beyond making the roster, has been to play in London, be in front of the English fans and get a sack. It would be coming full circle to be on that field. Now I have to make the team again. It’s added motivation.”

This will be a home game for the Buccaneers, so the Panthers still will play eight home games at Bank of America Stadium.

Two of the UK games will be played at Tottenham Hotspur’s new stadium, and the other two at Wembley Stadium.

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Hall of Famer Jerry Rice said Monday during a radio interview that disgruntled Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown wants to play for the San Francisco 49ers “really bad.”

Brown posted on his Instagram story Sunday an image of a FaceTime conversation with Rice, who was asked by 95.7 The Game on Monday what was discussed.


Brown to address Steelers drama ‘at a later date’
Receiver Antonio Brown said Friday on Instagram Live that he will address the situation with the Steelers “at a later date,” promising that “my actions will speak louder than my words.”

Rooney: ‘Hard to envision’ Brown on team in ’19
Steelers president Art Rooney II told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on Thursday that given the way the season ended, it’s “hard to envision” All-Pro wide receiver Antonio Brown being with the team when training camp opens.

Steelers’ Tomlin: Brown hasn’t requested trade
Steelers coach Mike Tomlin said Antonio Brown has not asked for a trade, and the organization will handle his absence from the team internally.

Asked by the station if he got the sense Brown would want to play for the 49ers, Rice answered: “Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. He wants to come here really bad.

“He’s talking about running the hill with me — doing all that and just working out and just picking my brain. I don’t know if it’s going to happen because it’s going to be up to [coach] Kyle Shanahan and also [general manager] John Lynch, but I’m all for it if they want him to come on board.”

Rice, a 49ers star from 1985 to 2000, said he would look forward to passing on knowledge to Brown if San Francisco were to acquire him.

Niners tight end George Kittle had tweeted at Brown after news of his Week 17 drama with the Steelers had surfaced, drawing a response from Brown.

Last week, team president Art Rooney II told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that Brown would not be released but “all other options are on the table” regarding his future with the team. He also said that it would be “hard to envision” Brown as part of the team when it reports to training camp in late July.

Antonio Brown posted this image on his Instagram Story on Sunday to show he was FaceTiming with Jerry Rice. Instagram/AB
Brown’s absence from Week 17 practices resulted in a benching for the season finale against the Cincinnati Bengals, and during that week Brown had a flare-up in a team setting.

The Steelers would absorb $21.12 million in 2019 dead money on the salary cap by trading Brown, who has notched six consecutive 100-catch seasons — but taking his $22.165 million cap charge off the books would offset that cost. Brown enters the third year of a five-year, $72.7 million extension signed before the 2017 season.


Rice said he’s not worried that Brown wouldn’t fit in the 49ers’ culture.

“Not a question. No hesitation at all,” he said.

Rice said that if he were making the call, he’d definitely trade for Brown.

“If it was left up to me, he’d be here in a heartbeat.”

ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler contributed to this report.

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Dallas Cowboys passing game coordinator/defensive backs coach Kris Richard is about to embark on one of the busiest 24-hour stretches of his life.

After coaching the Cowboys against the Seattle Seahawks in Saturday night’s wild-card game, Richard will then get ready for three head-coaching interviews on Sunday. Richard is set to interview with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, New York Jets and Miami Dolphins, league sources told ESPN.

All three teams have an interest in speaking with the coach whom players such as former Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman have vouched for.

Sunday was the only day that Richard could squeeze in the interviews, so all three will take place that day, back-to-back-to-back, before Richard either gets back to his offseason or prepares to coach in a divisional playoff game.

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FLORHAM PARK, N.J. — The New York Jets entrusted the 2018 season to a rookie quarterback, Sam Darnold, who went from good to bad to good. Typical growing pains. Now they’re on to what will be a watershed offseason, and once again they’re relying on a rookie. Two, actually.

CEO Christopher Johnson and general manager Mike Maccagnan, neither of whom has coordinated a head-coaching search, are in charge of finding the replacement for Todd Bowles.

Unlike Darnold, they have no margin for error. Sorry, no growing pains allowed. Over the next few weeks, they will interview several candidates and ultimately will make a decision that shapes the future of the franchise. The right coach, teamed with a potential star quarterback in Darnold, could catapult the Jets into a new era of prosperity. The wrong choice will mean more misery for the team and could stunt Darnold’s development, which would qualify as a high crime and misdemeanor.

If you’re a Jets fan, you have a right to feel a bit uneasy.

“This is my first time in the big chair doing this,” said Johnson, who became the acting owner in 2017 when big brother Woody Johnson left to become the U.S. ambassador to the United Kingdom.

Christopher Johnson is the most down-to-earth rich guy you’ll ever meet, and he cares deeply about the team. He’s a players’ owner, respected by the locker room, but the undeniable truth is he’s a novice when it comes to picking a coach. Does he know enough football to get inside a candidate’s head? Does he have the correct vision for the team? Will he pick an X’s-and-O’s guru to develop Darnold or will he look for overall leadership qualities to lead the 53?

Johnson made one thing clear: It’s his call. He will make the final decision.

Jets CEO Christopher Johnson is conducting his first head-coach search. Seth Wenig/AP Photo
Say this for him: He’s got guts, deciding to take a hands-on approach. His big bro went the other way, hiring a consulting firm for the 2013 GM search, which yielded the overmatched John Idzik. Woody Johnson also sought outside help for the concurrent GM and head-coach searches in 2015, using former NFL executives Charley Casserly and Ron Wolf as consultants. That resulted in the Maccagnan-Bowles pairing, which turned into Splitsville on Sunday night with the firing of Bowles.

“Look, I don’t think that anybody should be too confident going into a coaching search, because so much depends on it,” Johnson said. “People say they’re super confident about their ability to find the right coach. I think they’re a little too optimistic.”

Call him pragmatic.

Truth is, Johnson believes the Jets are a terrific landing spot in large part due to Darnold, $100 million in cap room and the appeal of the New York market. As Johnson said, “If you make it here, you’re a freaking legend.”

But that doesn’t mean the Jets will hit a home run with this hire. For one thing, they’ve already narrowed their approach, saying they won’t give total control to a coach and will retain the current power structure. That means the new coach and Maccagnan will be on the same level, both reporting to Johnson. That setup has inherent flaws, and it created fissures in the Maccagnan-Bowles relationship, yet Johnson has no plans to change it. He’s convinced there’s nothing wrong with the structure.

There’s also the issue of Maccagnan, who has only two years remaining on his contract. Can the Jets attract a top candidate if he suspects the GM could get fired in a year? That would mean a new GM, which puts the coach in a precarious position. The Jets lived it with Idzik and Rex Ryan, and they could go through it again if the team fizzles in 2019.

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Johnson didn’t issue a playoff ultimatum for Maccagnan, but he essentially put his GM on notice. As much he praised Maccagnan for Darnold — basically, the reason he gave a mulligan — the acting owner knows the talent level isn’t close to where it needs to be.

“I’m never going to have a mandate, but this team has to get better,” said Johnson, commenting specifically on Maccagnan. “Mike knows that. Mike knows that in all ways this team has to get better.”

Now Johnson and Maccagnan will be sitting side by side in the interviews, probing candidates. Maccagnan needs to pick the right guy because his future is riding on it. At the same time, his uncertain long-term status could make it awkward during the interview process. Will he downgrade a qualified candidate if he senses that guy might angle for control of the roster after a year?

You have to wonder if it might be the case with former Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy, the only known candidate with the credentials to seek total control. Maccagnan doesn’t have final say on the choice, but he’s in a position to influence Johnson. Would he recommend a coach who might be a threat to his authority?

Maccagnan has been around the league for more than 20 years, so he has contacts and knows the game. He was involved in coaching searches with his previous team, the Houston Texans, but only on the periphery.

“For the most part, for me at least, this will be the first time going through this role right now in terms of my responsibilities,” Maccagnan said.

He’s a rookie at this. So is his boss. They can’t afford a pick-six on their first NFL pass.